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I’m in Hospitality

Very rarely do I fall in love with professionals. But I’m a fan of Bharat Rathod. Bharat Who?? Bharat Rathod. The Driver of the Cab Service I hire while I’m in Bombay (Sorry Raj Thackeray, its still Bombay to me). And why am I a fan of this professional??? Cause he totally delights me. Bharat Read More

The Little Big things

“I deal with the obvious. I present, reiterate and glorify the obvious – because the obvious is what people need to be told.” Dale Carnegie My workshops and writings revolve around one idea – The little things that we do everyday matter more than the huge audacious goals we set at the workplace. Do the Read More

Multitasking is Dead

Do you often find yourself trying to tackle 10 tasks at a time and end up completing barely any of them? You are stuck in a maze that’s called ‘Multi Tasking’. I was too, until I realised my productivity getting affected by it. However from the time I stopped multi-tasking, I managed to reclaim my Read More

What influences you?

You are a product of your environment. So choose the environment that will best develop you towards your objective. Analyze your life in terms of its environment. Are the things around you helping you towards success – or are they holding you back? W. Clement Stone Our lives are shaped and influenced by the environment Read More


Most of us hate hearing the truth. After a workshop, a lot of participants give feedback. I enjoy their ‘truthful’ feedback – when it involves nice things about me as a trainer and the workshop. But if the ‘truth’ is even slightly negative, my eyes cringe, my head involuntarily starts telling me this person doesn’t Read More