The Little Big things

“I deal with the obvious. I present, reiterate and glorify the obvious – because the obvious is what people need to be told.” Dale Carnegie

My workshops and writings revolve around one idea – The little things that we do everyday matter more than the huge audacious goals we set at the workplace. Do the little things right, the big goals will take care of themselves.

Execution is always the key. If you get that right, you and your business will grow. If you don’t, you will be the person that had great ideas and wanted to do a lot of things but ended up doing sweet nothing. Good intentions don’t matter, what matters is what gets done.

A few things the best professionals (that I have come across) do day in and day out to succeed at the work place.

  1. Fanatic about Diaries/To Do Lists
    1. Write everything down: ‘The faintest of Ink is better than the sharpest of memory.’ This is a quote I use almost every day in my workshops. I harp about it – whether I’m conducting a Managerial Effectiveness workshop or on Sales. Write every small bit down on your diary. If it’s a meeting you have in 3 days OR the commitment to call someone back in half an hour OR an idea about a new project. Make a note of it. Once everything is written down, it frees up your mind to think more creatively about each of the subjects. Otherwise we are busy trying to recollect the things that need to get done.
    2. 3 minutes, 3 times a day: Check your diary 3 times a day for 3 minutes. Once in the morning, before you start the day. Once in the afternoon, before you do Lunch. And once before leaving for the day. Doing this will help you assess the work you have finished and what needs to get done.
    3. Carry stuff Forward: Please ensure that you take the trouble at the end of every working day, to carry what has not been completed on that day, to the subsequent pages on your diary when you would do them.
    4. Keep going Back and Forth through your diary: To constantly check what you need to do in subsequent days – so you can plan now if required. Go back to see if you have missed out on something that needs to be done.
  1. Tackling Procrastination: Irrespective of how passionately we feel about the work at hand, ever so often we will get into a mental space where we won’t feel like doing stuff.
    1. Get Started Quickly: There is a certain power in quickly getting started with something you don’t feel like doing. Once you start, the rest usually follows.
    2. Do the thing you feel like: At the work place, we often have multiple tasks to do. If you don’t feel like making that report, quickly knock off something else on your to-do list that you feel like doing currently.

All the things mentioned above seem simple. Some seem like plain common sense. Doing them consistently is the challenge. Happiness for most is about converting their dreams into realities. These simple tools are a few ways to making your dreams come true. One day at a time.

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