All success lies on the Extra Mile

There are some concepts & ideas that apply across everything that you do. Going the extra mile is one of them. Whether you are dealing with your customers, your colleagues, your subordinates or your boss – going the extra mile definitely brings results.

What is the extra Mile?

The Extra mile is any extra efforts put in by a person for another person. The extra mile is difficult to define as it means different things in different situation. Remember, that the extra mile must be visible and felt by the receiver of it. As people, we tend to remember only the extra that someone does for us. The regular is taken for granted.

Examples of Extra Mile

A Customer Service Executive working after hours at office to help his customer out; Delivering something to the Customers residence when it is not part of standard procedure; Taking an extra effort at your end to sort a customer problem in a huge company. The list is endless.

Types of Extra Mile

You can go the extra mile proactively and reactively. Proactively going the extra mile means doing something extra for the customers without him asking for it. For Eg. At the Taj Gateway Surat for the first time I was staying there, Post dinner, the Bakery Chef came to my room with a free desert. Two years after having stayed there, I still remember how the chef looked. I stay in a Hotel almost every day of my life and I don’t remember my stay at any other place so distinctly. The Pastry cost the hotel Rs. 15 -20. But they created a raving fan for a long time. Companies should figure out ways to proactively go the extra mile for their customers. Make it a part of their process to do so.

Reactively going the extra mile is about doing something extra when the customer asks or requests for it.

Going the extra mile in both ways is very important.

How does the extra Mile help?

Going the extra mile forms a long lasting relationship with customers. It helps build loyalty and delights the customer. Going the extra mile leads to the customer forgiving you if you make a mistake while servicing him.

What to take care of while going the extra mile?

Don’t let people exploit you. Go the extra mile but don’t let someone take you for a ride. There could also be a tendency among people to try to exploit the fact that you are willing to do something extra.

Secondly, don’t let it become the norm. When the extra becomes the norm, it becomes a problem. Hence it’s important to ensure that you make sure that the person you are going the extra mile for is aware that you are doing so and does not take you for granted.

Going the extra mile is something that takes more effort & sincerity. When you do something extra for people, most people want to do something extra back for you. You help them meet their goals and objectives and they help you meet yours. It’s just about the only way to succeed as a Business or person. So don’t shirk off that extra effort when it needs to be put in. More than anyone else, it’s you whose suffering.

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