Out Learn THEM!!

“The Illiterate of the future will not be the person who cannot read. It will be the person who does not know how to learn.” Alvin Toffer As a corporate trainer, I happen to interact with hundreds of professionals every week from some of India’s best companies. Professionals from all walks of life. Front line Read More

Dream INC

DREAM MANAGEMENT Everybody has a dream. Whether you are an employer, an employee or a customer, the one thing that is common to all of mankind is the concept of ‘a dream’. A dream to do something. A dream to own something. A dream to achieve something. A dream to (mostly) feel a certain way. Read More

Why Leaders Screw Up?? Part I

At WORK BETTER Training, the program that I absolutely love conducting is our Leadership Development workshop. In my mind, Leadership is something that makes or breaks a company. History is witness to Companies with great potential faltering because of poor Leaders and poor Leadership skills through the rank and file of the company. The ultimate Read More


The one word that is a real conversation starter is the word ‘Boss’. You are bound to get a reaction from every person that has ever had a boss on the mere utterance of that word. Well, truth be told, your Boss is the most important person in your career. More important than your customers, Read More


Your Boss is the most important person in your career. In my mind, the Boss is more important than your customers, more important than your colleagues, more important than your Super Bosses (Boss’s Boss) or any other stakeholder of your company. In my opinion, irrespective of the kind of Boss you have, I believe it Read More


My ‘just over a year old’ blackberry had some problem which took me to the Vodafone store. The store looked amazing. As good if not better than most Vodafone stores I have seen around the world. However once I entered, the service that I experienced was shoddy to say the least. The people at the Read More