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Everybody has a dream. Whether you are an employer, an employee or a customer, the one thing that is common to all of mankind is the concept of ‘a dream’. A dream to do something. A dream to own something. A dream to achieve something. A dream to (mostly) feel a certain way. If we want to succeed as business people, it’s important for us to know & understand people’s dreams and aspirations, and help in the process of fulfilling them. That and that alone is the way to build an organization, both internally and externally.

As an employer/manager/leader, do you spend enough time understanding the dreams and aspirations of your team?? Do you really know what they want in their lives?? Professionally and Personally?? The dream question should practically be the third question during any recruitment interview, and should consistently be a part of HR review and assessment. It’s a question that needs to pop up all the time.

But people don’t just start opening up about their dreams. Would you discuss your dream with an absolute stranger? With someone you don’t share a comfortable relationship with?? No way. Therefore, it’s extremely important for every leader/manager to build strong relationships with the team, where the team members feel comfortable to walk up to you and discuss their dreams. (Dreams that may not involve their current job or current company). You need to then figure out whether your company fits into their dreams. And whether they fit into the dreams (or vision) of the company. If that happens, then magic happens at the work place. Because then both – the organization and the employee, are working towards fulfilling each other’s dream.

From the customer’s point of view, every time the customer enters your shop, he has a dream. When a customer wants to book a holiday to Goa through my travel portal, he has a dream to show his family a great time in Goa. If we do a good job and delight him on his trip to Goa, his dream has been fulfilled. Once his dream is fulfilled, he will spread a positive word (the best and cheapest way to advertise). But if we screw up his ‘dreamt-for-a-year’ holiday for some reason, he will be extremely disgruntled – will go out of his way to tell people about our mess ups. No amount of good looking advertisement could ever repair the damage caused by bad word of mouth. People trust people more than they trust advertisements.

Actually most companies help fuel the dream in the first place – through effective advertisement. A Car company will fuel the dream of a person graduating from a two wheeler to a Car. But if the experience – pre or post purchase, does not match up with the big dream created by the company, it results in a bitter experience for the customer. As business people, be very careful of the dream you create through your advertisement/communication – cause if your last mile experience does not match, you are in for trouble.

So the next time you go into your workplace, think of whether you are helping out with the process of fulfilling someone’s dreams. You are the gateway to convert their dreams into a reality. Become a dream enabler. Cause dreams are all we really have.

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