Basics of a Professional

When Richa Borkar joined the Work Better Team, she wanted to learn from me. 6 Months down the line, I’m pretty sure that I have learnt more from her than she has from me.

Richa encompasses everything that young professionals should do to succeed in their careers. I am sure that Richa will have a stunning career, whether at Work Better or otherwise.

What are some of the things that make me, Richa’s Boss, a big fan of hers? What makes me give her a raise and a bonus without her having to ask for it? What makes her indispensible to Work Better and our team? The list is endless, but I have tried to put a few things down.

  1. Bold: Richa joining Work Better is a testament of her Bold Approach. She could easily get a good job at a large corporate and sit in a shiny office. But she chose to join a start up. Didn’t care about the brand as much as she did about the work she would do. Richa used to work in the back office process for a large international bank. She could have continued there and made slightly more money than what she is making right now. But Richa was clear that she wanted a career in Learning & Development. She used her limited means to do a part time MBA and moved to a small HR consultancy until she got an opportunity to enter the training space – which she grabbed with both hands. Her bold nature impressed me enough to hire her without even knowing her background or having her resume in hand.
  1. Ownership & Responsibility: I believe that the only way to make progress as a professional is to take Ownership and Responsibility. Ownership can be explained in different ways but for me it’s about taking a headache of your boss’s head. When I ask Richa to do something – I am rest assured that the task will be done OR she will get back to me with relevant questions/difficulties after exploring all options herself. She won’t rest till the task has been taken to a Logical Conclusion. She will follow up with me [very politely] and get the necessary approvals & answers from me. Unlike so many other people I have worked with where I had to remind them of their tasks – Richa owns every task designated to her and is always in control of things.
  1. On top of her work: Richa is organised and planned. It’s impossible to be professional OR take ownership unless you are disciplined in the way you work. Richa does the basics right – writes every small thing down, is very particular about her diary and hence sticks to her small commitments.
  1. She is constantly thinking of Work Better and my interest: And that’s why I’m constantly thinking about hers. Such few professionals realise or put this into action. They are way too caught up in their own world; think of themselves and their bosses as being at two opposite ends of the spectrum. You and your boss/company are one team. Like any successful relationship – you need to constantly look out for each other’s interest.

What Richa does as a professional is core to the progress of every working individual. This progress extends to benefit the company and the customers you serve. Sure doing this requires hard work – but who said making progress in your career was an easy thing? If it was, everyone would. But the truth is, very few do. Richa does, and I sure am going to put my money on her.

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