The Decisions we make

Anthony Robbins quote on in the end our decisions make us.

The reasons why a Business or a professional succeeds or fails are based on the decisions taken. And not on how smart or stupid the people are. Business requires decisions to be taken at all times. Some work in your favor, some don’t. We as Business professionals are always hoping that we get more decisions right than wrong and the ones we get wrong don’t end up sinking our businesses and careers.

A few thoughts:

  1. Every decision taken by a person [whether on marriage or a business deal] seems like it’s the right one at that time. With time we figure out whether the decision worked well or not. This is true both for really big decisions [like starting a new business, acquiring a new company] and the small ones [transacting with a certain new client, hiring a new person]. No one ever makes a decision expecting it to be wrong. In hindsight we are able to analyze our decisions much better. Often we look stupid. But the key is to learn from decisions that have gone right and even more from those that went wrong.
  2. No two decisions are ever the same. It’s difficult to apply the same yardstick or learning from one decision on to the next one. For instance, if one new client transaction has gone wrong, it’s silly to say we will stop working with new clients. Instead, study what specifically went wrong and take more informed decisions in the future.
  3. Don’t celebrate or curse yourself too much when it comes to your decisions. In business the outcome also depends upon a lot of external factors that are out of your control.
  4. Don’t be scared to take decisions. I personally hate inaction. Whether you are an entrepreneur, boss, subordinate or a CEO, you will not make much progress if you are indecisive and sit on issues indefinitely.
  5. Calculate the downside of your decisions. It is difficult to have a formulaic calculation for each of your decisions. But make sure you research and analyze in detail and estimate the damage it will have on your bank account.
  6. You never really know whether the decision you have made is the right one. I was a marketing professional at a Fortune 50 company, then decided to turn travel entrepreneur and finally found my calling in the Executive Education space. Who knows whether the decisions I have taken are the right ones? There will never be a perfect answer to that question. So don’t look for one. Concentrate on what you believe is the right thing to do at that time.

As a Business person, you will never get all your decisions right. It’s impossible. But some people rue, cry, crib about a few bad decisions and go into a shell they never come out of. Like a person failing at a Business venture and then never trying again. On the other hand, there are people that fail, get beaten black and blue in business and yet decide to boldly take new decisions – hoping that this time they would be right.

Decide which of the two you want to become. Cause that’s a decision only you can make.

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