You are the architect of your own Destiny

“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself.” Jim Rohn.

Recently at a training program, I met a participant who refused to acknowledge any benefit from the workshop. He didn’t see any progress happening in his career either. He had decided that his organisation is bureaucratic and his boss – a dictator. No new concepts will be entertained at work. Only the favourites get promoted. Given the economic scenario, he didn’t want to attempt a change of job. He had a similar tale to tell about his previous organisation.

That got me thinking. How often do we blame the outside world? Blame our boss, our colleague, family, the government, the world, even God and the stars for the issues we face.

Or do we decide to take charge of the situation and try to work out a solution?

Each of us has had that colleague in office who always has a solution to everything. Is it because he is plain lucky? Observe him closely. You will notice a lot of important factors which help him ‘create’ lucky!

Some traits I have noticed in such ‘lucky’ people:

  • Perspective: The thing that differentiates good professionals from the average is their attitude towards work. What’s your perspective in life? Do you think almost every damn thing is in your control? Or do you blame the world for everything? The better professionals believe they can find a solution.
  • Take 100% Responsibility: Can you always change everything you want to – most definitely not. To start making any progress, take 100% responsibility for yourself. Usually people look at everyone besides themselves as the reasons for the problems. The attitude is – I’m ok. THEY are the problem.

Ignore the factors you can’t change – Who your boss is & how he behaves with you? Focus on aspects in your control – How you react to your boss, how you take criticism?

  • Add Value Everyday: All the good professionals thrive on this formula. They add value to themselves everyday. We have all had atleast one boss we didn’t get along with. Do you then go to office just to clock the 8 hours and do mundane work? Or do you say, I can’t change my boss. However, I can upgrade my knowledge & skill everyday to better my future prospects.

Irrespective of how talented you are – if you want to perform at the best of your ability – stop making excuses. Does not mean you argue with your boss everytime or try to change company policies. Keeping the limitations in mind, what can you do to find an answer & excel at your workplace? Does it always work out? Surely not. If the situation is too hot to handle, you have the choice to move out & start afresh.

No successful professional in any organisation has a perfect job, a perfect boss and a perfect set of colleagues. What they have is their attitude towards their careers. Like my grandfather Sadguru Wamanrao Pai would say, only you can decide whether you want to continue giving excuses or you want to take responsibility for yourself & your progress. Cause You are the Architect of Your Own Destiny.

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