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Swallowing your EGO

I tried hunting it down, but there is no good definition of the word ego. The easiest way for me to explain the word is Self Pride with a slightly negative connotation. If you are in business and really serious about succeeding as an entrepreneur or an employee, I suggest that you learn to swallow Read More

A good night’s sleep!!

To the outside world, my father would be a reasonably successful man. His is more of a rags-to-riches story where he started off in a family of 7 siblings with very limited means to today running a successful IT establishment in Goa and living a very comfortable life. After one of our training programs recently, Read More


Most of us hate hearing the truth. After a workshop, a lot of participants give feedback. I enjoy their ‘truthful’ feedback – when it involves nice things about me as a trainer and the workshop. But if the ‘truth’ is even slightly negative, my eyes cringe, my head involuntarily starts telling me this person doesn’t Read More